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Nox / TitanActive TiO2

NOx / Titan Active TiO2 is a water-based titanium dioxide solution on the basis of chemical nanotechnology. The functioning is based on the principle of photo-catalysis.

Bild von TitanActive TiO2 und deren Auswirkung

Here you can see a dirty exhaust and Environmental influences and weathered wall.

Bild von einer Verschmutzten Wand Bild von einer mit Titan Active02 beschichteten Wand The wall was cleaned in a glued-down area. Then, the left half with Titan Active TiO2 was coated. Bild von einer Wand nach 3 Monaten - mit und ihne Titan Active O2
After 3 months is plain to see that has the uncoated half (right) already weathering tracks. The coated half is still as clean as on the first day.

The coating ensures super hydrophilic surfaces. Dirt particles are decomposed by the coating, washed by the rain and washed off. Coated discs remain rain clear and transparent. There are no annoying drop formations.

Bild von mehreren Kanistern Bild von unseren Produkten Excerpt from the product range of Titan Active TiO2

The video, the company Muschert Surface technology and your photo-catalytic coating in an ARD post!

NOx / Photocatalytic coating

Imagine House facades and roofs not only themselves, but also our air clean. Glass facades no longer pollute and virus and bacteria lose their terror. Antibacterial Class rooms and Operating rooms without permanent disinfection. Visions of the future?

No. With photo-catalytic coating, these things are already reality.

Titan Active TiO2 uses the properties of photo catalytic Nano-titanium dioxide. This technology is not new, but new and improved manufacturing processes, smaller particle sizes, intelligent formulations and doping with precious metals, which had to be dismissed recently as a utopia can be today.

Bild Nanotechnologie Fassade mit Nanotechnologie

Titan Active TiO2 works based on nanotechnology.

Titan Active TiO2 works on nanotechnology Basis .Das in Titan Active TiO2 - used titanium dioxide is photo catalytically active products. Irradiation with light, oxygen radicals are formed on its surface. This activated oxygen is highly reactive and thus able to decompose molecules and organic substances which come into contact with the surface. Normal daylight is sufficient to activate this effect. Even artificial light indoors is suitable for modern Titan Active TiO2 - products to the activation of photo-catalysis

Titan Active TiO2-coated surfaces are self-cleaning, anti-microbial and even able to clean our air.

On following areas the photo catalytic coating comes with Muschert surface technology to the application:

  • On almost all materials (such as stone, concrete or roof tiles and tiles)
  • On glass (these include: glass facades, window glass, window, winter gardens, glazed, tiles)
  • Indoors (E.g. classrooms or transport - the effectiveness of already from 100 lux uses!)
  • In sterile environments (E.g. operation rooms Titan Active TiO2 works also under artificial light)
  • But also in photovoltaic, or the purification of the ornamental fountain technologist is our already used with great success to improve energy efficiency or to protect the environment

Bild vom Brunnen Bild vom Klassenhzimmer Bild OP Saal Fassade von einer Glasfassade

Application examples for Titan Active TiO2

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